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Alex Garibay & What is Hip

Houston's Ultimate Party Band!

The Ultimate Entertainment
What is Hip are an "entertainment machine,"

delivering a hard-driving, energy-packed show that can make the coldest room come to life.

Our talented musicians bring more than 20 years of experience each to any venue.

The wide range of music styles we play includes:

R&B      Funk     Latin Rock

Old School       TEJANO 

Energetic Dance Band
Stay out on the floor all night dancing to our music.

We combine jazzy Latin rhythms and soothing ballads

with a keensense of the crowd's needs!  

Venue hosts have said our unique sound

is a breath of fresh air.

We keep you wanting more and more!



To see where the next party is, click on Calendar.
Looking to hire the band
 give us a call or email us at
Call us at 713-478-6418
Thank you for supporting live entertainment.
Visit our Tejano site         www.tejanoknights.com

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